Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Pop's Funeral

Well it's been a long time coming for this event..  I'll not go into the details of the time leading up to it, there were the "could've beens" and "should've beens", but I think we're all in a spot where we can begin to move forward and grow from what we've experienced, Blessing or Curse..  Last weekend was spent with my Friends and Family back in Michigan for my Dad's Funeral..  Got to visit the old neighborhood, and local haunts that formed my life..  Brought back a couple acorns from the trees at Garden City park, where I jogged with Dad a couple times..  Pizza Breads and Fall cookies at the Villa Bakery.. Stopped by St. Raphael's, my Catholic grade school and Church, wanted to say a prayer inside for the old man, but it was locked, so I just stood in front of the doors and did it there.. Went by the Ram's Horn and KMart where I once worked.. 

This was a picture that I've been waiting years to get..
All three Kora's in one place.. Love them dearly..
Michael came out and said a piece at the funeral as well..
Then met up with my good friends at Kunhenn's Brewery.. Ton of fun.. Val, Eric, Karla & Jim, Joe, Reggie, and of course Mark, Denise, and Michael.. of whom I'd nae seen together for quite some time, indeed.. =) It was amazing to see all of you again!

The Memorial itself was quite an intense event..  Pastor Ed did a great job of holding things together, and simply allowing the platform we needed to say our pieces..  We all did good..  among the tears and sadness, we all came together in my Pop's memory, and honored him..  My cousins and husbands; Merrie and Mark and Kathy and Steve were there with all their kids..  Felt bad, as I'd not known any of them, but it was good to get to know the one's I could while there.. 

and then on to the Detroit Zoo the next day!  This was good time spent with my Sister and Niece Paige.. Paige is growing up so quick it's ridiculous..  Butterfly House, Reptile and Penguin House.. all really fun, and cheeseball novelty gifts at the end.. =)  Love you two so much..

My amazing Sister! She kicked that bears arse.. =)  

Think I'll end it there.. Most of the healing has been done, but I'm sure there's more to come..  True healing takes time, and the effort to see it through, of which I can fall short on sometimes..  At least now Dad's been buried in my mind, and coming back home to Portland, although I'll always miss parts of Detroit, was something quite special this time around.. =)
Wish me luck, and Stay tuned !!


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