Monday, April 05, 2010

Poster & Signings

I love signings.  I have so few of these experiences that when it happens, I go back to feeling like a grade school kid with a spiral bound and No.2 pencil.  Sketching things to get an instant and momentary reaction; laughs, confusion, awe, and even fear.. always holding the jaded audience with what you could muster, for as long as you could.  Now the monkey has grown, (and grayed a bit) but the desire to give and take in this way is stronger than ever.  Signings always fulfill this childhood dream of your name up in lights, or your silly mug plastered across the side of the Wheaties box, or Rolling Stone, and whether it's Magic the Gathering signings, or book stores, I always think of the journey it's been to get here.  So many beautiful folks, a long strange trip that I thank everyone involved for.  This half-wit illustrator is eternally grateful for ALL your support, and all these amazing opportunities.  Could'nae have done it without any of you.  =)

Well, last week I received signage for Fantasy Genesis in the mail, and the schedule for signings is growing by the week.  I received an exploded version of the cover I can throw on an easel, and also got one of my sponsors box o'shwag in the mail as well.!

This Easter brought me a sponsorship from a Japanese pencil maker, Tombow Pencils.  I've loved these pencils since I first started using them after a visit to an Anime' Import shop in Michigan.  After sketching for a week with the Tombow MONO B, nothing else could compare to it's smoothness, and I went back to the shop and bought all they had.. =)

With some luck, I'll have some more Fantasy Genesis giveaways to offer at signings, from Q-Workshop.  This brilliant Polish Gaming Die-maker offers by far the most creative looking dice on the Sphere.  Q-Workshop's White Skully dice actually appear on the cover, spine, materials page, and even the pull out poster of my book, and you've probably seen their wonderful wares at a game shop in your area.  To have a couple packets of Skully dice to entice show buyers will round out the Fantasy Genesis shwag quite properly indeed!!  A listing of upcoming shows book signings and workshops to come..  Stay tuned !!


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