Monday, December 14, 2009

OryCon :: 2oo9

Last month brought me to OryCon for a day, and had the great pleasure of finally meeting Editor/AD from Pyr Books Lou Anders!!! This was gonna be a treat to see Portland's version of World Fantasy Con for the first time, but to meet and hang out with fellow creatives at the hotel bar was something I'll not soon forget.. Lou has one of the greatest capacities to retrieve portions of storyline and text from just about any genre' that I secretly think he's somehow cerebrally linked to his iPhone, Ghost in the Shell style.. =) Amazing memory.. I had a wonderful time; met a puppeteer couple, a fair amount of Comic writers one from Australia Liz Argall, a local chef, a group of brilliant writers at the table, including of course Lou Anders, Andrew Mayer, Tom Crosshill, and Mahesh Raj Mohan

and.. well.. it joost would'nae be a proper Con if there was'nae a loovly little snippet of this going on outside the bar.. Never really sure whoot kinda gorgeous fellow nerd will be in WWI regalia and stockings, boot bless em for it.. =) Happy Holidays All, and God Bless oos, every One.. =)


Blogger Mary Robinette Kowal said...

It was great meeting you!

11:53 AM EST  

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