Monday, August 24, 2009

At the Lockwood's..

Just back from a short trip to a shin-dig thrown by Todd Lockwood and his wife Rita. It was the kinda thing that I've rarely experienced outside of GenCon, and all I can contribute with any clarity at the moment was that is was Wicked Awesome !! Met more artist and art directors in my field, than I have all year!?!? There was a fire and big food spread that Todd and Rita cooked up, laughed me arse oof to another brilliant Jeremy Jarvis performance, did this little doodle of Matt Adelsperger and Franz Vohwinkel, (Hey! it was dark, sue me=) and it was the first bathroom I've been in with an original Lockwood oil hung there!?! I mean how does that even work?? About the sweetest in the bloody World, is how it works.. Still can't wrap my brain around that.. I imagine they loose people in there, holding oop the privy as they can't stop looking at the artwork.? =)

Out on his easel, Todd also had an amazing oil he was working on, that just stopped my breath!! An Angel.. framing, pose, and... Gah... just wait, we're all in for such a treat when it's complete.!! 1000 Thank youz to the Lockwood Family for letting me crash for the night, and for those I missed, I hope to see you next time around..
Sweet Jesus I love livin' out West !!
Stay tuned !!


Blogger Jon Hodgson said...

Woah. :)

4:28 AM EDT  
Blogger Char Reed said...

Wow! Lucky guy :D How do you get invited to a shindig like that? (I kid!)

3:01 PM EDT  
Blogger Chuck said...

It's always great to see all the personalities involved in this crazy business (in as many GenCons we've both been to, Jon I'm surprized we've not met?) but I'd never saw Maestro Lockwoods painting process up close!?! That was the real treat !! =)

Aye, lucky indeed !! =D

3:19 PM EDT  

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