Monday, June 15, 2009

ArtOrder shout-out !!

Did a couple pieces for Dragon Magazine, and gotta mention on Jon Schindehette's ArtOrder shortly after. Jon's just one hell ova chap, and it's for good reason his ArtOrder Blog has the attention of every Fantasy Illustrator across the Sphere. The weekly contests are a great way to develop your skill set, and see exactly how some of the newest ideas, concepts and techniques form from a creative group mind. It's brilliant, great way to get noticed that I wish existed a decade ago. I've had ideas stashed in me wig for some of these characters, just itching to be sketched, and wish I had the hours to explore them.. Especially the Drow cover that's going until July 26th.. Well, next time.. =) In the mean time, hats off to Jon, and all the wonderful contributions!

Hit the Hog, and scroll to the bottom.. =)

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