Friday, January 25, 2008

After looking though the Soc. of Illustrators and Nation Magazine's online show: Artists Against the War, I was moved to post one of the few politico cartoons I've done.  It was nice to see a Rockwell was added to the show, that really touched me as well.  As artists and creatives (big name or small),  I think we forget our role as social commentators?  We either can't find time enough, or don't really care enough to rock the boat, or jeopardize our big gig at the agency?  We slide that power of influence we may hold under the carpet, and forget that ultimately it's our job by Greek definition "to bring things into light".  Poets and artists were the journalists of culture right up until the last century, and it would be tragic for us not to remember the position we hold.
Well, here's my contribution.  I started a series of "Amazing Roveeno"'s back when I found how explicitly Karl Rove and the neo-conservative movement were involved with high crimes, including the manipulation and caging of the 2000 vote.  And, I think after they started the war and occupation, I just wanted to see him in a turban. :)  I went on to do 4 in all, but never really promoted them to the big magazines.
Here's the last one I did..   Enjoy.. :)

Dear Roveeno,                                                                               
I've done a cracking job in my kill tallies over the years, I've
bought out my country's news media to paint my atrocities
in whatever cheery color I desire, and I've even developed a
re-education policy to indoctrinate the youth with whatever
history I want to teach them. Yet, the protests still occur ??
The unrest, and popularity polls are the worst they've ever
been ??                                                                                   
                                                          Slouching toward the Hague

Dear Slouchy,                                                                                         
There is no failed occupation strategy, or treasonous high crime,
that a good PR campaign can't fix up! My advice to you is get out
in the public, plant a couple folks to get autographs in front of a
wall of squeaky clean uniforms. If that doesn't get your numbers
up, then maybe do a small tour of rich venues where you can
speak about how much you love helping the children. And if
all that washes, then you'll have to attend some dinners, and
play court jester. Go ahead, tell a bad friars club joke, try and
dance even! Give the monkeys what they want, preferably with
a couple well known comics that are willing to sell out years of
reputation for a couple bucks. If that fails then don't worry
about tribunals, just fake your death and move. We make
detention centers, we don't go to them. XX OO
                                                                         The Amazing Roveeno

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