Monday, April 13, 2009

Seattle Illustrizzles in'da Hizzle

Just back from Norwescon in Seattle, and had a great time! I made a tiny vacation for myself to meet and stay with a couple fellow light pushers based in the Seattle area; Franz Vohwinkel and Todd Lockwood who was guest of honor at the Con. Franz's wife Imelda is the very best of hosts, and Franz is a powerhouse illustrator for MTG and gaming markets from around the Sphere. It was great to get to know them better; covering Language and American culture is always fun with the Vohwinkels, finding all the similarities we freelancers hold in common both odd and beautiful, and their beach front abode was brilliant to experience.

Maestro Lockwood and I have been emailing and commiserating the vacant political system in this Country for around 4 years, he's always been very supportive, and it was great to finally get to meet this stalwart contemporary in my field. Todd is just as gracious and kind as all the other Illustration Heroes I've met so far, but I suppose what sets him apart from most others is the fact that he's nae afraid of political activism, even to the extent of it becoming somewhat of a job on top of the break neck rollarcoaster illustrators need work on, and sometimes this can make all the difference. It was both a honor and pleasure to throw back a couple beers together, and when he shot the "Crop Mark Gang Sign", it made the West Coast a little more Home for me.. =) Here Todd is with his Brother Kipp who made it to the show as well. Hope to meet more fellow Light Pushers at the end of May for the MTG Grand Prix where I'll be signing.


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