Monday, January 26, 2009

Havoc on the fridge

Once in awhile that big yella Sun will spark up a sweet swingin' dandelion beam a light, and wail it through all that work-a-day bring down, straight on into your sad and bent up ticker. Well, today fellow illustrator, good friend and co-author of Wreaking Havoc (on the shelves of a book store near you ! :) Chris Seaman was given that beam. He shared it with me, and I'll share it wit'cha'll !! These are copies of a couple sketches from Jordan (age 12). One of them is following the step by step demo that Chris wrote on his Gnome character for the book, and the other is a female Gnome of Jordan's own design. :)

I was just instantly taken to the reason why we do the work that we do. I don't know many illustrators that aren't working 8-12 hour days and weekends to be paid comparatively little for it, but it is in moments like these; when I get drawings of lama-dogs from my Niece, or someone at a Convention tells me how much my work influenced them for game-play or their own art work, or when you see that spark a' Light jumping off a munchkins wig to tell you that you've fulfilled the circle somehow. That's why we're in this game.

Follow this link to check out Wreaking Havoc on Amazon, and please give us a review if you're already familiar with our book. :)


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