Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Time to Wreak Havoc, and a Time for PEACE

Me Lords and Ladies of the Royal Court,
  Last year was an astounding one!  A year that this poor paint pusher had been waiting all his heavy headed freelance gig for.  Duckin' and dodgin', wadin' through all this politico bad jazz, heart beatin' in staccato just to keep the pilot light of Hope lit up, and just when I couldn't take one more hit of that funky jug of soured milk... the doors of opportunity cracked just a bit, and swung me up a solid I still can't even believe. :)

  I was not only included in an International FantasyArt Magazine, but I co-authored a book, Wreaking Havoc to come out this Summer, and was accepted to into the Magic the Gathering stable of artists at Wizards of the Coast for which I will be eternally grateful.

  The painting below was one of the spreads appearing in Wreaking Havoc and one of my best paintings to date.  I dug the calmness in the elfs' face so much, I made it into my Holiday card as well, which most of you have already been sent.  If you haven't, and want one for next year, sign up for my mailing list on the website.

:: Here's to a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year to All ::


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