Sunday, May 27, 2007

Printed in CHINA

The month of May has brought me huge international exposure, and I'm beside myself with that big beamin' light of happiness ya find on munchkins at the ice cream shop. My work has appeared in international homes, galleries, and is even in a Canadian Museum collection, but I ain'ever had my illustration work shown in an international magazine the likes of Fantasy-Art.

Fantasy-Art, is a magazine put out by Peking University students and faculty in Beijing, China. It includes some of the very best artists from around the Planet, and I've been waiting for inclusion for around 3 years. I't's such a tremendous honor, I can't even begin to explain. It's actually double the honor to be a part in this particular issue as it includes; fellow CCS alumni Marc Gabbana, INOUE Naohisa an illustrator for Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli, and (I can't even believe it my-own-fanboy-self) I follow the illustration legend, Steven Hickman, one of my very favorite painters for the last 25 years. You'll find Maestro Hickmans' "Galadriel's Harp" gracing the cover...amazing. You can find this magazine as an import on some high-end magazine shelves, but here's the opening spread of my six page article.

Gracious thanks to Fei (aka Snowman), Nan Nan, Candy, Wang Wei, and Ying Zhang, for sharing my work with my Brothers and Sisters on the other side of the Sphere.

And if that's not enough flipped out, no doubt, big time clout for ya to wrap your big wigs around.. Brothers & Sisters, dog'onit, here comes some more sacred jazz, swimin' on over from the deep end of the magical pool o' Love. I was included in the magazines' display at the 3rd annual China International Cartoon & Animation Festival in Hangzhou, as well !!! CICAF is an annual fan festival, like the San Diego Comic-con, and is held in Hangzhou's international convention hall. Apparently, some of my work was on display along with the wildly skilled Chinese Sci-Fi Fantasy illustrators, for the population of beautifully adorned Cosplay cats and kitties to dig.

I'll end with an excerpt from the bio I wrote up for the magazine ::

Todays invention is a result of yesterdays Fantasy. And it is by this unique awareness, that artists have a duty to better their culture and their World. It is Chuck's sincere hope that by; reflecting the infinitely diverse patterns of Nature, directing focus on the inherent unity that exists within our Religions, Mythologies and Literature, and by bringing to light new and inventive imagery, he may uncover some of the hidden potential we all hold, and perhaps inspire a better future.

Stay Tuned...

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