Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Stumptown ComicCon

I sing the pile of Stumptown swag.. It was a plentiful pile, a pile the funky likes what I've nae seen.. =) What a fun show that is! Small but fun.. Probably wouldn't want it to be much bigger, as all the Indy Comic weirdness that only Portland can offer might begin to slip.? Met up with fellow LightPushers; Craig Spearing, Patricia Smith aka SmugBug and Ko Attenbury, and met more than a couple more comic artists and writers. Comic artist Brett Weldele was nice enough to spend some time chatting about his process and meeting Joy Ang was a nice surprise to finish off the show! Gotta free Mignola mask, saw a couple of my students, and bought a print of Zombie Spock.. Live long, and BRAINS!!! Stay tuned.. =)


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