Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Class Grads

As I said in my last post, I miss teaching.  To see a bit of your experience somehow transmogrify even one student, is a gift worth the sleepless nights prepping for the next class, while miraculously working freelance gigs in the time between.  Most of these graduates I had in my initial drawing materials class, or my painting class of which a taught and critiqued from Richard Gregory's Eye and Brain.  I don't want to belabour specifics, but being witness to this group of students, grow their skill sets in the 2 years I worked with them, is something unforgettable.. =)

Art Directors, Editors, and Scouts that I share this post with, there are some extraordinary talents in this group, so please take a couple minutes to check out their wonderful work. =)

Graduates, I know I'm missing some folks so forgive me, or send me your links and I'll update the post, but remember even though I'm nae currently the owner of a mailbox at the school, I'll always be willing to advance your career in any way I can.. =)  Congratulations!!  Illustrare' - Bring it to LIGHT !

A couple of the promo prints for the thesis
presentations I attended last Focus Week.

Mattew Newton - Matty recently landed the cover of the Portland Mercury, has a wonderfully specific  style, and I can't wait to see him bring his Light to the editorial scene. New Yorker, look out.!

Ona Zelda Pitschka - Ona's thesis took on the difficult task of unifying Science and Mythos through a series of brilliant illustrations.  Beautiful sense of design and metaphor, Ona has also been awarded by the SoI student show.

Liliya Dru - Lovley line and pattern, Lily also has a clear sense of environmentalism and feminine Goddess culture in her work.

Samantha Mash - Samantha's ghostly illustrations done for her thesis were superb.  Samantha's figurative skills, and high contrasted silhouette are simply beyond her years. She was also awarded by the SoI student exhibition.

Matthew Seely - Matthew is a talented animator, with a mad sense of humor.  His animated short Margaret can be found on his website.

Katie Newman - Katie is an aspiring concept artist, who's thesis was somewhat reminiscent of Barlow's Expedition.  Wonderful to see her skill set is developing into creature and character sets all her own.

Anne Ferguson - Anne has a beautifully thoughtful editorial style developing, with an excellent sense of design and metaphor.

Seanavin Scar Egdamin - Sean is an energetic graphic illustrator, with a beautiful sense of shape, and typography.  Sean's thesis was based in themes of Hawaii, and support of it's indigenous roots.

Niki Buckno - Great socio-politico commentary on chain-mail bikinis, and wicked inking and comic chops, Niki has always had a great sense of facial expression.

Jeff Versoi - Budding narrative and comic chops,
Jeff has also been awarded by the SoI Student show.

Hannah McLain - Coming from a background in Tattooing, Hannah's thesis was series of illustrations based on the writing of Tanith Lee. A true eclectic Portlander.

Stay tuned..


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