Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One for the Dream

Thought I'd sketch a small portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King for King Day this year, and posted it on FB.  It was nice to get some response, but what seemed to be present in my mind, was how much MLK accomplished before he was cut short of becoming 40?  While listening to Peter Werbe's Nightcall today, I was reminded that Dr. King was just 26 when he first started to address folks around the Nation about Civil Rights, and form a following of millions to support something that, to folks in power, seemed even more dangerous than the growing Military Industrial Complex?  From 26 years old, to 39?  How very few of us in the field of Illustration have the skill set, consistency, or opportunity to start the largest portion of our careers, at such a young age let alone have anywhere near the social impact?  Perhaps since I've sold a couple paintings in the last couple months, and it's making me look back at what kind of work (if anything) will be my "legacy" when I snuff it? Perhaps I just can't seem to fathom the strength of this man, and the brevity at which he was able to sway so many minds toward compassion and Unity?  I've been lucky enough to inspire some students, and create an art tutorial book, and that's more than I ever expected at some points in my life.. but at 42, I sure as sap hav'nae Unified a Nation almost single handedly!?!  =)

All of my heroes have some flaws, and MLK wasn't without his own, but having such an impact within 13 years of his short life, is immeasurable and something we all should cherish!


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